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 Trailing Edge Farm

Trailing Edge Farm


Welcome our new vendors to the 2017 Outdoor Market!

Savory Snackage is a mother daughter team that loves food. Everyone loves to snack, but these ladies wanted more! They create unique gourmet snack mixes with their own spices and recipes.

Seeds+Sprigs is a joint venture between Sarah Ketchum and Lynn Gregor who value connection between local food production and consumers. Through their combined expertise, they want to help others gain confidence to grow their own food and find deep satisfaction in doing so. Many people are intimidated by gardening so Seeds+Sprigs hope once they realize how easy and enjoyable it is to use herbs they've grown themselves, they might try growing more plants in the future. 

Tierra Verde Farms is a pastured based family farm dedicated to creating great tasting, healthy food products that are non-toxic.  They raise animals in a stress free humane environment from birth to harvest.  Tierra Verde Farms attempts to be in a symbiotic state with nature.

And a list of our returning vendors to the 2017 Outdoor Market!

Avant Gardens Farm and Mushroomery is a first generation family farm, operating in two capacities with the same goal: to increase access of high-end culinary delights! They grow gourmet mushrooms and a variety of exotic, heirloom, and heritage produce using clean, natural methods.

Barton Farms and Gardens is a collaborative family effort.  They specialize in jams, jellies, and spreads made the old-fashioned way using local, seasonal fruit and vegetables.  They also offer handmade hypertufa planters, specialty hot peppers, and a variety of fresh cut flowers, herbs, and garden produce.

Birdsong Farm offers over 10 acres of certified organic produce.

Black Dog Acres is a small family farm that uses sustainable, humane, and environmentally conscious practices to produce health and delicious natural products.   Practices include organic seeds and fertilizers, integrated pest management, on-site composting, crop rotation, cover crops, rain harvesting, and purchasing locally-grown feed and locally-made supplies.

Blue Sage Farm is run by Barb, a Master Gardener who is a producer of cut flowers and herbs and a floral designer.

Bonny’s Bread uses stone milled, organically grown flour combined with herbs, seeds, or dried fruit in 6 combinations of homemade bread in 3 different sizes.  Bonnie uses locally grown garlic and herbs when available.

Brimfield Bread Oven is a European-style bakery offering sourdough breads, pastries, and other baked goods, all baked in a wood-fired oven and made with organic and local ingredients.

Busy B Bakery is a home bakery in Stow that specializes in American and French pastries and desserts as well as vegan and gluten free sweet treats.

Chris’ Kitchen makes homemade jam and jelly, naturally flavored cotton candy, and hand-poured soy candles.

Earth Energy Sustainable Treats is a cottage bakery dedicated to providing healthy snacks and desserts.  Their products are 100% vegan, gluen free, and made with only the highest quality ingredients.  All their packaging is eco-friendly–either reused, recycled, or compostable, for you and the planet!

Emily’s Soaps is your source for all-natural, handmade body products.  Emily strives to maintain simplicity and pureness in all her products as well as tailoring ingredients to customers’ needs.

Goodell Family Farm was established in 1825 when maple syrup and general farming began.  Today they have an organic grazing based dairy and still continue to produce pure maple syrup.

Heron Hill Farm uses sustainable farming practices on their farm in Brimfield.  They start most of their plants from organic or untreated seeds using organic fertilizer and approved weed and pest control.  They try to provide the freshest and healthiest produce possible.

Hyde Park Farm is a small family farm that has raised Highland cattle for 25+ years, along with produce and small fruits.  They produce all of their own hay and trade with neighbors for non-GMO grains when needed.

Isaac Mills Market Bakery

John’s Cookies offers cookies, nut roll, poppyseed roll, cinnamon rolls, and buckeyes.

Jon’s Organic Farm & Produce offers wholesale and retail sales of organic vegetables.

Jo’s Kettle Corn pops, packages, and sells kettlecorn on site at the market.

K.C. Coffee Co. serves French-pressed coffee at the market made with fresh fire-roasted beans and also sells beans for the perfect cup of coffee at home.

Klettlinger Greenhouse is a grower-retailer of annuals, perennials, vegetable plants, and shrubs during the spring-summer season.  Their parents were original vendors at the beginning the Haymaker Market.

Kline Honey Bee Farm provides fresh, healthy products from their bee hives.  you can be assured that when you buy Kline honey and other products, you know exactly where they came from.  All their products are presented to you as purely as they come out of the hive.

Lucky Penny Creamery is a small locally owned creamery that makes goat, sheep, and cow milk cheeses.

Mason Kisamore Family Farms, LLC is a family of four making a living solely by farming.  They practice humane treatment of livestock and raise vegetables naturally.

Oak Tree Hydroponics Farms produces 24/7/265 the freshest fancy-grade lettuces plus herbs, using 21st century controlled agriculture environment techniques.

Ohio City Pasta makes fresh pasta of all different shapes and flavors out of Durham whole wheat and Semolina flours.  They also specialize in ravioli, gnocchi, butters and amazing pasta fresh sauces.

Ohio Farm Direct offers 100% grassfed cheese and yogurt.  Local and certified organic since 1997, this is an 8th generation dairy farm purchased by the family in 1834.  Ohio Farm Direct has been making grassfed cheese and selling at farmers markets since 2001.

Pao & Houa's Garden sell vegetables and fruits grown on their family farm.

Paradaze‘s owners acquired sheep initially to help maintain pastures.  In turn, that evolved to Sherand sheep–with their highly varied fleeces–and associated wool products.  Fred has been a woodworker for 35+ years and he uses acquired skills to make objects that complement the wool products.

Popsmith makes and sells frozen ice pops using local fruit as their primary ingredient (with a very small number of exceptions).

Rootstown Organic Farm has been producing quality food for Portage County and surrounding areas since 1980.  The farm was certified organic from 1992-2014; nothing has changed . . . today the farm continues to grow good clean food with no chemical inputs and no herbicides or insecticides.

Sandi’s Kitchen offers culinary herb blends and dry rubs for cooking, grilling, roasting, and bread dipping.

SCRATCH takes local products and prepares them healthfully for appreciative customers to eat at the market, or to go.

Shari’s Berries has been growing fruit, flowers, and plants sustainably in Hiram since 1996.

Swain Perennials is a very small, almost 3 acre country “farm.”  They grow annual plants and herbs from seed.  They have done research to find the best and most efficient way to use a small area to plant.

Trailing Edge Farm is run by homesteader entrepreneurs who believe in fresh, local food and enjoy providing it to the community, as well as providing treats under the cottage food guidelines.

Walnut Drive Gardens is a family-owned and operated produce farm in business since 1862.  The Saal family has worked the farm for 6 generations.  In addition o coming to Haymaker, they have a farm market in Mogadore with both pick your own and already picked fruits and vegetables.

Woolf Farms has grown fresh fruit and vegetables for 3 generations.  Homegrown fruit is picked and sold within 24 hours.