The Haymaker Farmers' Market provides a connection between producers of local food and the community by creating a vibrant and sustainable gathering place promoting direct access to fresh and prepared food, agricultural and environmental education and the arts.


Andrew Rome


Lizette Royer Barton, President/Secretary

Ami Gignac, Vice President/Treasurer

Heather Malarcik, Community Member

Fritz Seefeldt, Community Member

Emily Collins, Community Member

Jerry May, Vendor

Paula Hyde, Vendor

Kelly Hambly, Community Member

Genevieve Smith, Vendor



Haymaker Farmers’ Market was founded in 1992 as a shared vision between Jo Anne Jones, Fritz Seefeldt and Rick Hawksley. The “Haymaker Farm Market,” as it was then known, opened with just four vendors and an article in the Record Courier. The market was organized to provide an outlet for locally grown agricultural products as well as to encourage enterprise in Kent’s struggling central business district.  Traffic was slow those first few Saturdays, but as awareness grew, so did the popularity and attendance.

Rick left after the end of the market’s second year and his wife Joan Inderhees joined the team until 1996. Joan’s valuable contributions included a new logo and much-needed creative work on signage design as well as the vendor brochure.  During these early years, local farmer Dan Kamburoff helped with book keeping as well as providing the growing farm market a bountiful supply of fresh sweet corn and assorted locally grown produce. Donna Pawlicki contributed by painting the market name on the trim of the vendor umbrellas. Fritz Seefeldt and Jo Anne Jones managed day-to-day operations by setting up street side signs, arranging newspaper advertisements, paying bills and contacting area farmers about selling at the new market.

As a volunteer, Fritz Seefeldt managed the day-to-day operations for over 20 years and witnessed the success and growth of the market.  In 2013 Fritz passed the baton to the market’s first paid manager, Kelly Ferry, who oversaw the market’s transition to year-round with over 45 vendors offering a wide variety of local fare.  Kelly introduced educational programming, a successful Indoor Market during the winter months, and a market-funded program that matches SNAP benefits for families that struggle to access fresh food.

Today Fritz and Kelly are Haymaker Farmers’ Market Board of Director members and Jo Ann, Joan and Rick continue to support our vendors while being great friends of the market.